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Management of Customs Costs


Forcusing attention upon customs costs, we are providing multinational corporations with various services such as follows:

  • 経済的合理性のある取引形態の導入
  • Implementation of economically rational business model
  • 取引実態に即した適正な法形式(契約書及びその他取引関係書類等)の導入
  • Introduction of legal formalities compliant with realities of actual transactions, including PO, invoices, journal entry recording, etc.
  • 課税標準の適正化
  • Rationalization of Customs value
    • Limited Risk Distributor Model, Consignment Sales, Use of Customs Affaires Representative businesss Modes, etc.
    • unbundling
    • Royality, License fee
    • Introduction of new transfer prices for tangible and intangible under the related party transactions
  • 各種協定(EPA及びFTA等)の活用
  • Utilization of EPA or FTA
  • リスクマネージメント
  • Risk Management
    • リスク評価
    • Evaluation of Risks
    • 事前確認制度の活用
    • Utilization of Advance Ruling Request
    • 税関事後調査に対する事前準備
    • Preparation of Customs Audit
    • 税関事後調査対応支援
    • Support for Customs Audit


Import Operation Compliance Check List

Check Items
  1. Company Organization and Structure;
  2. Understanding of Rules for Fundamental import Operations;
  3. Determination of Customs Value and HS Codes (Verification Conducted Prior to Import Declaration);
  4. Maintenace of the Past Import Records (Retention of Import Clearance Documents);
  5. Internal Post-Import Audit (including review of audit trails); and
  6. Legal Formalities related to the Cross-Border Transactions (whether formalities and realities are cosistent with each other).